International Fusion ArtSteam

Shalom Neuman

Fusionism Manifesto

1. We advocate as sublime the integration of all cultures, races, religions, ideologies and art forms.

2. We reject all that is dogmatic because it is divisive by nature.

3. We aim for maximalism, to bridge and combine rather than reduce, minimize and restrict.

4. We are inspired and driven by an inner need, by a deep passion to create and are not driven by misplaced ulterior motives. We are not slaves to a process devoid of political, social, emotional, and conceptual meaning.

5. We believe that the continued creation of minimalistic, abstract and concrete art is reactionary - repeating the past and not creating the future.

6. We espouse the use of all contemporary technological mediums and materials for melding, for fusing and thus

for creating the art of the future.

7. We promote recognition for talent, creativity and vision and we recognize the truth that comes from creating art for its own sake and not for commercialization and profit.

8. We praise the collective spirit, the truth of creating art for its own sake and not for someone to buy.

9. We eschew contemporary art which is narcissistic, self congratulatory and promotional.

10. We aspire to create archival art which can and will invade all sensory levels and by its limitless nature espouses the infinite.

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